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Continuity of CARER

Talking to a group of women recently about their antenatal classes, one of them commented rather wistfully that while she had enjoyed the sessions and was very grateful that even women not expecting their first babies were invited to attend the five weeks’ course, she would have liked to have had the same facilitator throughout. She spoke about the inevitable overlap between sessions when a new facilitator came in and attempted to dovetail the topics she covered with those covered by previous facilitators. The woman also said that the time taken by the facilitator to get to know the parents by asking them for information that they had already shared, could have been better spent helping the parents get to know each other.

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‘Telling’ parents about exercises and healthy eating

I opened the newspaper recently to read that the United Nations has criticised the UK for its failure to reduce inequality among children. The UN reports that rich children in Britain eat more fruit and vegetables and take more exercise than poor children. From infancy, the rich children are already on a life trajectory that will confer on them better physical and mental health for more years than their less privileged peers born at the same time.

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