The International Journal of Birth and Parent Education is a quarterly publication focusing on policy, research and best practice in parent support and education from pregnancy to two.

Essential reading for all educators, academics, professionals and volunteers working in the very early years, it offers the latest evidence about foetal and infant development; analyses early years policy; presents evidence-based parent education programmes and teaching and learning activities for parenting groups;  covers the needs of parents facing specific challenges; and focuses on the baby’s earliest relationships. The Journal maintains an international focus with articles from birth and parenting educators and scholars from across the world.

 Whats in the  Summer Issue - Volume 4 Issue 4
Focus on preconception education, FASD, and prematurity



Looking forward rather than looking back
    Mary Nolan, Editor-in-Chief

GUEST Editorial
Play provision enhances the lives of children in refugee camps
    Alison Prowle and Janet Harvell, Centre for Early Childhood, University of Worcester, UK

GUEST Editorial
Making preconception health, education and care real
    Jonathan Sher, Edinburgh-based Independent Consultant, UK


Are the burqa and niqab a risk for vitamin D deficiency?
Peter McCaffery, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Aberdeen
    Zaki Hassan-Smith, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

Breastfeeding as team work
    Jennifer Abbass-Dick, Assistant Professor in Nursing, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada
    Lynn Rempel, Associate Professor in Nursing, Brock University, Canada
    John Rempel, Professor of Psychology, University of Waterloo, Canada
    Tran Huu Bich, Associate Professor in Epidemiology, Hanoi School of Public Health, Vietnam
    Duncan Fisher, Family Initiative, UK


Roots of Empathy program: Cultivating sensitive and responsive parenting
    Lisa Bayrami, Director of Research, Roots of Empathy


Would you like to become pregnant in the next year? The One Key Question® initiative in the United States
    Michele Stranger Hunter, Founder and National Program Director of the One Key Question® initiative; formerly Executive Director of the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health

Babies born close to term: Considerations, challenges and outcomes
    Elaine M Boyle, Associate Professor in Neonatal Medicine, University of Leicester, UK


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Increasing potential for children prenatally exposed to alcohol
    Kathryn Shea, President and CEO, The Florida Center for Early Childhood, USA


Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
    Shusannah Morris, CEO, Life’s Little Treasures Foundation

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    Previous IssuesVolume 1
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    Issue 3 - Focus on Fathers
    Issue 4 - Focus on Nuturing and Nutrition
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    Supplement No.1: AIMH Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) No. 1 ‘Improving Relationships in the Perinatal Period: What Works?’

    Issue 4 - Focus on Preparation and Support for Labour and Birth?
    Supplement: 2016 IJBPE Conference ‘Parent Education Today: Walking the Walk’. Practice Pointers from the Conference Workshops
  • Previous Issues
    Volume 4

    Previous IssuesVolume 4
    Issue 1 - Focus on Attachment
    Supplement No.2: AIMH Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) No. 2 ‘Improving Attachment in Babies: What Works?’

    Issue 2 - Focus on Peer Support

    Issue 3 - Focus on Parenting in Difficult Circumstances
    Supplement No.3: AIMH Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) No. 3 'Antenatal Anxiety and Depression: What Should We Be Doing?'

    Issue 4 - Focus on preconception education, FASD, and prematurity


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