The International Journal of Birth and Parent Education is a quarterly publication focusing on policy, research and best practice in parent support and education from pregnancy to two.

Essential reading for all educators, academics, professionals and volunteers working in the very early years, it offers the latest evidence about foetal and infant development; analyses early years policy; presents evidence-based parent education programmes and teaching and learning activities for parenting groups;  covers the needs of parents facing specific challenges; and focuses on the baby’s earliest relationships. The Journal maintains an international focus with articles from birth and parenting educators and scholars from across the world.

 Whats in the  Autumn Issue - Volume 5 Issue 1
Focus on school readiness



School Readiness
    Mary Nolan, Editor-in-Chief

GUEST Editorial
Parenting programmes are not culturally relevant to many communities
    Hanan Hussein, Honorary Tutor, University of Birmingham; Principal Clinical Psychologist, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK . Kathryn Thomson, Honorary Assistant Psychologist, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Trainee Wellbeing Practitioner, Oxford NHS Foundation Trust, UK.  Kathleen Roche-Nagi, Managing Director, Approachable Parenting


Hazards and hopes in the early years
    Robin Balbernie, Clinical Director of PIP (Parent Infant Partnership) UKStress, depression and anxiety during pregnancy:

How does it impact on children and how can we intervene early?
    Nicole Reilly, Perinatal & Women’s Mental Health Unit, St John of God Health Care and the School of Psychiatry, University of New South Wales, Australia

The impact of maternal smoking in pregnancy beyond birth
    Euan Holmes, Policy and Campaigns Team, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)\

Attachment: The social-emotional basis of school readiness
    Sophie Moullin, PhD Candidate, Sociology & Social Policy, Princeton University, USA

Online technology and very young children: Stakeholder responsibilities and children’s rights
    Andy Phippen, Professor of Children and Technology, Plymouth University, UK

Sleep and cognitive function in young children
    Lyn Robinson-Smith, Research Associate, School of Education, Durham University, UK
    Helen L. Ball, Professor of Anthropology, Director of Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, Durham University, UK


Beyond school readiness: Future-proofing mental health and parent-infant wellbeing before birth
    Tejinder K. Kondel-Laws, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Perinatal & Infant Mental Health, Whittington Health, NHS

Parents as First Teachers
    Janice Saunders, Parents as First Teachers UK Director and National Trainer

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    Previous IssuesVolume 5
    Issue 1 - Focus on School Readiness
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