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Daddies stay home, please!

At a fathers’ group last month, the subject of shared parental leave came up. In the UK, since 2015, mothers (including adoptive mothers) have been entitled to 12 weeks’ maternity leave with another 40 weeks that the parents can split between them, however they see fit. The Scandinavian countries have especially generous parental leave schemes; interestingly, the most generous of all European countries is Hungary where maternity leave is for 24 weeks with a further 156 weeks that the parents can share at 70% of salary.

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The crazy world of ‘physiological’ birth

To say that I feel disappointed in the RCM’s decision to drop its decade-old ‘campaign for normal birth’ is an under-statement; I think ‘betrayed’ might be closer to the mark.

According to the article in which I read the news a few weeks ago, the campaign ‘made women feel like failures’. I don’t think ‘women’ are quite as fragile as that.

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