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  • Informed Choice: A Case Study

    I was told an interesting story recently. (A true story!)

    A 39 year old woman is expecting her first baby. She is healthy – not overweight; eats a balanced diet; takes regular exercise; is in a secure relationship. With the support of her partner, she requests a home birth. A midwife from the local Home Birth Team visits her, explains the pros and cons in her situation of having her baby at home and of having her baby in hospital, and the mother confirms that she would definitely like a home birth. The Team is happy to accept her and her antenatal care continues uneventfully.

  • Difficult Decisions

    An article a few weeks ago in the Daily Mail described the decision of one couple to abort their unborn son who had Down Syndrome. It was, indeed, a heart-breaking story and I absolutely believed the mother when she said that she adored her baby and wanted to look at him and hold him after he had been delivered.

  • The thin end of a cruel and non-sensical wedge

    The case for criminal injuries compensation being brought against a woman in the North of England whose six year old daughter is affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a landmark one.



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