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‘Telling’ parents about exercises and healthy eating

I opened the newspaper recently to read that the United Nations has criticised the UK for its failure to reduce inequality among children. The UN reports that rich children in Britain eat more fruit and vegetables and take more exercise than poor children. From infancy, the rich children are already on a life trajectory that will confer on them better physical and mental health for more years than their less privileged peers born at the same time.

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Heavy women and compromised childbearing

A young woman whom I have known since her babyhood is now preparing to become a mother. And she and her husband are taking this very seriously indeed. They are not yet ‘trying’ for a baby, but are reorganising their lives and lifestyles in anticipation of conceiving a baby later this year. Both have given up drinking. Both are now eating a healthy breakfast (yoghurt and fresh fruit with granola, fruit juice and wholemeal toast) and ensuring that their main meal of the day is appropriately balanced with vegetables, carbs and proteins. Both are exercising twice a week at the gym and taking long walks at the weekend. They’ve sold their house (on a dangerous road) and their beloved VW and have bought a sensible second-hand Volvo.

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