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In 2010, Frank Field, Labour MP for Birkenhead, wrote in his report on poverty that ‘parenting is more important than income or schooling to a child’s life chances’ (The Foundation Years: preventing poor children from becoming poor adults).

We know that pregnancy and the first years of parenting are ‘a teachable moment’ when mothers and fathers are exceptionally open to making changes in their lives. They are highly motivated to explore what kind of a mother or a father they want to be, to make changes in their life-styles, to strengthen key relationships and to find out about sources of support. The mounting evidence from neuroscience and from developmental psychology reveals the vital importance of children’s earliest years, from conception to two years old, in determining their future life trajectories.

As a reader of the IJBPE, you are someone who wants to make a difference to children’s lives by using your knowledge and skills to educate and support mothers and fathers as they make the transition to parenthood.
Inside the IJBPE, you will find out:

  • What leading academics from across the world are saying about parent education in the very early years
  • How health and social care practitioners are translating new knowledge into best practice
  • What the policy makers are saying about systems to support new parents and those working with new parents

The IJBPE aims to be accessible to its busy readers. If you are an Early Years professional or student, you will find the articles are highly relevant to your day-to-day practice, will help you put a case for funding to commissioners, give you ideas for running groups for parents or supporting them individually, and provide material for your academic course work. There is a mix of articles – some demand a quiet half hour to read; others can be read more quickly during a spare 10 minutes.
The IJBPE is essentially a Journal for professionals who are out there in the community, or who are planning a career working with mothers and fathers in the earliest years of their children’s lives.

At the end of each year, the Journal’s 4 issues will have updated you on the latest thinking and the very best practice in parent education and support. You will be inspired to continue to support new mothers and fathers to the best of your ability, in the knowledge that it is parents who shape their children’s futures.



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