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Occasionally, articles in the IJBPE will invite you to visit our website to find further material which couldn't be printed in the Journal owing to space restrictions.
Additional material may include Tables, Figures or Diagrams related to a study described in the article, or materials which you might find useful when working with mothers, fathers and families.


Jonathan Sher Edinburgh-based Independent Consultant in his excellent guest editorial (Vol 4 issue 4) Making preconception health, education and care real shares his learning from the response to the e-publications Prepared for Pregnancy? (2016) and Missed Periods (2016).  In his editorial he highlights the work of the One Key Question initiative which is explored in more depth in an article later in this issue by Michele Stranger Hunter, Would You Like to Become Pregnant in the Next Year? The One Key Question Initiative in The United States.

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CLICK TO DOWNLOAD - Guest Editorial - Making preconception health, education and care real

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD - Becoming Parents - Would you like to become pregnant in the next year? The One Key Question®  initiative in the United States

The IJBPE presents new knowledge and showcases best practice where this new knowledge has been implemented. The articles by Sher and Stranger Hunter are an example of how the journal works. 

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Increasing Potential for Children Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol 
Babies Born Close to Term: Considerations, Challenges and Outcomes

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Vol 2 Issue 2 Sleep and Soothing

The following content relates to the article by Charlotte Russell and colleagues in the Winter 2015 issue:
"Where might my baby sleep?" Design and evaluation of a novel discussion tool for parent education.

Where might my baby sleep - use this leaflet to find the right night's sleep for you and your baby. DOWNLOAD

Where might my baby sleep - key facts for implementation and advice. DOWNLOAD

Where might my baby sleep - tables. DOWNLOAD

The Importance of the Relationship with the Unborn Baby

Following her presentation at our conference in March 2016, Jane Barlow, professor of Public Health in the Early Years at Warwick University, has asked us to make the accompanying powerpoint presentation puublic. Please click here to view.

Home Birth Myth Buster table

Many of you have asked the Editor to put the Home Birth Myth Buster table that appeared on the back page of the IJBPE Conference Supplement (Summer 2016) on the website so that it can be used as a teaching aid. Here it is!



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