Mother and Baby Unit for Wales

The only inpatient unit of its kind has been set up in Wales to offer multidisciplinary mental health care to women from 32 weeks of pregnancy until babies are one year old.

Until now, mothers with serious mental health problems have been cared for in the community, admitted to acute mental health wards without their babies, or travelled to a specialist unit in England.

The unit accommodates six mothers and their babies with rooms available for visiting family members. It is serviced by a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, mental health nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, health visitors and midwives. The babies will be looked after by nursery nurses when their mothers require rest or treatment.

During the development of the unit, feedback was obtained from a patient and service user group which also chose the unit’s name of Uned Gobaith (Unit of Hope). Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Eluned Morgan, said: ‘The pandemic restrictions have added to the challenges during this last year and … this facility … will complement our strengthened perinatal community offer’. 

Read more: Only mother and baby unit of its kind in Wales to open in Swansea Bay (2021) Available at: <accessed 28 March, 2021>

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