IJBPE - Vol 9 Issue 4


Farewell and thank you
Mary Nolan, Editor-in-Chief


Care in surrogacy
Fi Hennessy, Experienced Surrogate and Wellness Practitioner
Jessica Smart, Experienced Surrogate, former Midwife and Lecturer
Alan White, Intended Parent and Surrogacy UK Trustee

Reflections on woman-centred care in the NHS
Mavis Kirkham, Emeritus Professor of Midwifery at Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Exploring the views and experiences of fathers in order to provide better support during the perinatal period
Lester Coleman, Coleman Research and Evaluation Services

Cultural differences and similarities in parenting infants and young children
Jennifer E. Lansford, Center for Child and Family Policy, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

Nature pedagogy and Forest Kindergarten
Jon Cree – Eco-Educator

Childcare for toddlers and early cognitive development
Nina Drange, Post Doc at the Frisch Centre, Oslo, and Research Fellow at Statistics Norway

AIMS Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services
Nadia Higson, AIMS Trustee, Coordinator and member of the AIMS Helpline Team

Policy for the Netflix age… and beyond
Sally Hogg, Head of Policy and Communication at the Parent-Infant Foundation UK

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