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Assistant Editor

The International Journal of Birth and Parent Education (IJBPE) is seeking an Assistant Editor based in the UK to work with its Australian Editor, Dr Jane Svensson, from July.

This is a fantastic opportunity to support the ‘first 1000 days’ agenda and to gain editorial experience with a Journal that has a global reach. The IJBPE is committed to translating knowledge into practice for everyone working in an educational role with new families.

The successful candidate will have an opportunity to build skills as an editor and writer; collaborate with colleagues in the academic and practice fields at home and abroad, and take forward this well-established Journal with the support of an excellent Management Team and Editorial Board.

Assistant Editor's Role
Reports to: Editor
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Proof-read articles submitted for inclusion in each issue.

  • Assist the Editor to ensure articles are edited using a consistent approach. This may involve reducing the length of articles or altering the content in consultation with the author.

  • Ensure all photographs and illustrations to be used are correctly credited and have permission to be reproduced.

  • Research ideas for potential articles and liaise with potential new authors.

  • Submit ideas for articles to the Editor.

  • Keep in contact with authors to ensure copy arrives within the agreed time scale.

  • Liaise with regular contributors to ensure they are aware of deadlines and that their items are received on time.

  • Ensure that ‘standard information’ such as Publisher, Enquiries, Design and Production, Editor’s details, Editorial Board members and Acknowledgements are updated as needed.

  • Liaise with the selected Designer to plan the layout and presentation of each issue, including editing the various proofs received from the printer and resolving any issues that arise.

  • To work with the Editor to do any other task that may arise to ensure successful publication of each issue of the Journal.

Time Commitment: You can expect to work 4-5 hours a week as Assistant Editor. However, some weeks will require fewer hours and in the run up to publication, you may need to put in more hours.

Renumeration: The role of Assistant Editor is voluntary but all legitimate expenses are paid.

Qualifications and Skills:
  • Writing and editing skills (essential)

  • Knowledge of the critical 1000 days – pregnancy, labour and birth, early postnatal period (important)

  • Links to the academic and practice worlds (desirable)

  • Ability to collaborate (important)

  • Well organised (Important)

  • Previous experience on an Editorial Board (desirable)

About The IJBPE
  • Launched in 2013 - now in its 10th volume

  • Published quarterly (January, April, July, October); 44 pages

  • Aimed at professionals working with parents across the critical 1000 days (midwives, health visitors, psychologists, social workers, Children’s Centre staff, birth and early parenting educators)

  • Makes the latest research and best practice accessible to busy practitioners (does not publish original research)

  • Over 65,000 hits on our website for our top 100 articles since 2019, and a further 70,000 hits via EBSCO from around the world, including Russia, Peru, Ireland, China...

  • Has a theme for each issue (agreed at the annual Editorial Board meeting)

  • Has regular features (editorials; news items; approaches to facilitating groups of parents; Sally’s Column; focus on third sector organisations)

Expressions of Interest

Please send a brief statement of why you’re interested in the post of Assistant Editor and a short CV to Bridget Supple, IJBPE Business Manager, by May 31st, 2023.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your expression of interest will be acknowledged and an opportunity to talk to the Editor and member(s) of the Management Team will be arranged.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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