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  • Let’s Focus on Maternal Mental Health as well as Mental Illness

    The recent Report from the London School of Economics and the Centre for Mental Health (The Costs of Perinatal Mental Health Problems) is welcome because it makes the critical link between mothers’ perinatal mental health and the short and long-term impact on their own quality of life, AND on their children’s.

  • Problems of Reflection

    The Nobel Prize winners for medicine, John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser, have been honoured for their work in the field of memory and spatial awareness.  They have added the authority of neuroscience to the ancient idea of enhancing memory and recall by the use of such strategies as building a Memory Palace, that is: linking key facts to spaces, so that from the hallway to the upstairs bedrooms, you can recall facts linked to each room as you walk through them.

  • Crying, Parent Education and Poverty

    The issue of how to avoid making mothers and fathers feel guilty about problems to do with the health and wellbeing of their babies and infants has been very much in my mind recently. The film ‘Microbirth’ generated a vigorous debate amongst colleagues in birth and parent education as to whether it would be ‘kind’ to share the information presented in the film about the possible negative consequences for babies’ health of birth by caesarean section with women who may have had a caesarean or are planning an elective section.



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