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  • Microbirth and Not Making Women Feel Guilty

    Toni Harman’s and Alex Wakeford’s ‘Microbirth’ is a powerful film which by virtue of refusing to become hysterical, by presenting the evidence without hype, achieves a truly apocalyptic sense of the human race being under threat.

  • Informed Choice and the ‘Evidence’

    I was at the start of my career as a parent educator in the 1980s  when the concept of ‘informed choice’ was very much in its infancy. Working in the charitable sector and hearing the stories of mothers’ and fathers’ encounters with maternity services at a time when the medicalisation of birth was disempowering many women, the idea of both health professionals and clients embracing  the ideal of ’informed choice’ was very exciting. I aimed to make it my business in antenatal sessions to ensure that mothers and fathers had information to base their decisions on, the skills to talk to health professionals, and the confidence to do so.



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