Exploring the information seeking behaviour of first-time parents during the pandemic: The lived experiences of three new mums who ‘should know better’!

Author: Penny Cole, Rosie Hare, Jess Haigh,

Author title:
Penny Cole, Training Development and Implementation Lead, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Rosie Hare, Licensing Manager, Jisc
Jess Haigh, Academic Librarian, Leeds Beckett University, UK

This article uses an autoethnographic approach to explore the information seeking behaviour (ISB) of three new mums – the authors of this article - during the Covid-19 pandemic. The authors recount their lived experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how it impacted upon and influenced their lives as new parents. The focus is on how they searched for advice/guidance relating to child and postpartum health during this time because all the authors are information professionals and, in theory, ‘should know better’. Between them they have a wealth of experience in working with information of all types and teaching information literacy skills (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Information Literacy Group Information Literacy Group - CILIP ILG, 2018) to students, academics, professionals (in various sectors) and researchers. They wanted to share their stories to reinforce that everyone needs help navigating the sea of information available, especially when contact with health professionals is reduced, and to share ideas for developing professional and parent education.

perinatal mental health, perinatal education, health literacy, covid-19, pandemic, women’s experiences, maternity care, information seeking behaviour, information literacy, autoethnography, fawn response, antenatal support

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