Families and social change: The evolution of parenting

Author: Kate Howen

Author title: Kate Howen, Lecturer in Primary Education, University of Worcester, UK

Description: As professionals working with children, the holistic care and development of each child are an immense responsibility. Teams of multidisciplinary professionals work with the same goal from within their specialist fields to enable real change in the outcomes for the most vulnerable children. Budget restrictions and stretched capacity often mean a sharper focus on those most in need. However, when it comes to tackling societal issues, such as stereotyping and inequality, culture shifts need to happen widely, and parenting is a crucial part of societal change. This article explores challenges around parenting styles, as each new generation of parents develops their own understanding of child development and their own role as parents.

Keywords: generational cycles, parenting styles, child development, social justice, equality, generational theory, emotional triggers, Family Cycle, targeted marketing, parenting adverts, newsfeeds, parenting strategies, social media network, conscious parenting, breaking generational cycles

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