The Self Worth From Birth project

Author: Robyn Ball &  Lucy Bire
Author title: Robyn Ball, Infant Mental Health Practitioner and Circle of Security Facilitator, Lucy Bire, Retired Midwife and Maternal and Child Health Nurse; Peer Supporter for the Circle of Security program 
Description: Lucy and Robyn have created an e-book called ‘Baby Brain Growth’, which Robyn presented last July at the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) conference in Dublin. The book is dedicated to the memory of Kyle Taylor, Robyn’s daughter Erin’s partner, who was born with the condition gastroschisis and passed away in January 2023. Kyle fulfilled his life purpose to have a family of his own. His daughter, Sophie Helena, was born in August, 2022. Due to Kyle’s health, he wasn’t able to work, so in the early months, Kyle was either sitting on the couch watching over Sophie as she slept beside him, or standing close with Erin gazing at her. These few months are a priceless gift that Kyle gave to Sophie. 

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