Conference NEW DATE 23rd January 2023

We are delighted to invite you to join us for our IN PERSON conference on the 23rd January 2023. Meet with colleagues in the perinatal educator, early years, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding fields. With a provided lunch it’s a wonderful opportunity to network and learn from our amazing speakers.

Covering perinatal education, infant formula marketing, normal birth after Ockenden, provision for migrant women, working with black birthing women and the 1001 days we look forward to meeting together and sharing the latest knowledge.

Emerita Professor Mary Nolan, one of the founders of the IJBPE, she will be reflecting on her career in perinatal education. 

The Conference for Childbirth Educators

Join us IN PERSON for The Conference for Childbirth Educators

We will be with Professor Mary Nolan and some amazing speakers looking at  “CHALLENGES FOR TODAY’S PARENTING EDUCATORS” at the University of Worcester.

Registration and Coffee from 9am
Conference Start 10am
End 5pm

Lunch included


Professor David Green
Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Worcester.

Introduction and Farewell to Emerita Professor Mary Nolan.

Emerita Professor Mary Nolan
University of Worcester, UK

A career in childbirth and early parenting education

The opportunity to reflect is a precious one. I would like to share with you what I think has been achieved for birthing women, people, families and young children over the last 30 years and what remains to be done. I reflect on the important influences in my own career and invite you to think of what have been and are the main motivators in yours.

Sally Hogg
Early Childhood Policy Expert. Policy Fellow in the PEDAL Centre. Founder of the First 1001 Days Movement.

The impact of the pandemic on babies, their families and the services that work with them.

Sally will present the findings from new research conducted for the First 1001 Days Movement about the ongoing impact of the pandemic on babies and young children’s experiences and outcomes, and the current state of services across the UK.

Soo Downe
BA(Hons), RM, MSc, PhD, OBE University of Central Lancashire, UK

Soo spent 15 years working as a clinical and research midwife. In 2001, she joined University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) where she is now Professor of Midwifery Studies.

'Is normal birth an appropriate topic for antenatal classes post Ockenden?’

This presentation will examine what is said about normal birth in the Ockenden report, and in earlier reviews of the maternity services, and the recommendations arising. It will also describe the findings of the RCM ReBirth project, examining the language that should be used relating to labour and birth. It will then consider how the findings in the reviews and the Rebirth project might best be translated into antenatal sessions.

Jill Benjoya Miller
Jill co-created and leads the perinatal programme at Happy Baby Community charity, working in London with pregnant and newly postnatal mothers who are seeking asylum.

Parent education for migrant women; current provision (lack of); how to approach parent education; the challenges involved and the rewards.

Gerard Hastings
Professor Emeritus at Stirling University, UK.

Formula Marketing as if Babies Mattered

The presentation will explain the origins and operation of corporate marketing, and its role in training us to be diligent consumers.  The marketing of Formula is a perfect case study of its powerful and manipulative methods, and these will be unpacked and discussed in detail.

The final part of the talk will focus on solutions and the need for root and branch regulation of corporate marketing at a local, national and global level.

Lorna Phillip
Lorna has over 30 years’ experience of working with young children and their families. Lorna brings this wealth of experience to her work which made her one of the most sought-after doulas in Birmingham She is the founder of the Black Mamas' Village.

What Childbirth Educators can Learn about Providing Safe Spaces for Black families.

As a doula and provider of childbirth education, Lorna will share some of the strategies that she uses to ensure that her provision is safe, welcoming and relevant to the Black birthing families that she serves. To be clear, this won't be a 'How to Book More Black Families' presentation; it's an invitation to reflect on what happens in your own classes and how you can begin to make the changes that will impact your practice.

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