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Culturally informed and inclusive practice with infants and their families

Supporting you to support parents in the critical 1000 days

The IJBPE focuses on education and support for parents in the context of the critical 1000 days, covering pre-conception, pregnancy, labour, birth, perinatal mental health, infant feeding, early child development and parenting programmes.

Pregnancy and the first years of parenting are ‘a teachable moment’ when mothers and fathers are exceptionally open to making changes in their lives. Our readership comprises professional and lay people who want to make a difference to children’s lives by using their knowledge and skills to educate and support mothers and fathers as they make the transition to parenthood.

The Journal demonstrates how research can be applied in practice and every issue supports CDP via a reflective activity to engage readers more closely with the content of the articles.

We offer:

  • Articles from leading academics making the world explaining the current state of knowledge in the very early years
  • Articles presenting best practice in caring for families maiking the transition to parenthood
  • Challenging editorials from policy makers and key thinkers
  • Brief summaries of the latest research
  • Articles describing the work of third sector organisations caring for parents and children
  • Extracts from the latest books for practitioners and parents
  • Reflective tools
  • Teaching activities for use with parent groups

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Home birth in the USA

Home birth in the USA

Home birth is controversial in the United States. A recent study conducted by midwives, obstetricians and epidemiologists from the University of British Columbia and Bastyr University in Washington found that  a planned home birth with a licensed midwife is as safe as giving birth at a licensed birth centre.

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Depression in pregnancy and placental changes

Depression in pregnancy and placental changes

Research from the United States’ Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development has shown that episodes of maternal stress or depression during pregnancy are associated with chemical modifications to placental genes.

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Link between ACEs and neurologic disease

Link between ACEs and neurologic disease

This cross-sectional study from the University of Pennsylvania recruited 198 patients who were attending an outpatient neurology clinic.

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Introduction to The Journal

The International Journal of Birth and Parent Education is an independent, international, not for profit publication aimed at professionals and lay educators working across the transition to parenthood.

Founded seven years ago by Professor of Perinatal Education, Mary Nolan, and Consultant Perinatal Educator, Shona Gore, the Journal is published quarterly and each issue explores key topics in the critical 1000 days, including pre-conception education, education in pregnancy and for labour and birth, perinatal mental health, infant feeding, early child development and parenting programmes.


FREE Articles from the IJBPE

These articles are free for you to browse.

They illustrate some of the topics that the Journal covers and the way in which it covers them. We hope you find them interesting, informative and accessible.

Alternatives to animal-based milks: Protecting infant and young child health when families choose plant-based diets

Plant-based diets, where foods and drinks based on or containing animal derived ingredients are avoided, have become increasingly popular. 

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Educators’ experience of facilitating antenatal education online

This study, by the Editor, Mary Nolan, explored the experiences of antenatal educators of facilitating online sessions during the Covid crisis.

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Just chatting with a baby is more than you might think

Babies like listening to people speaking to them, preferring this above all else complex sounds and are capable of soliciting, reciprocating or ignoring adult communications as they feel fit.

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