The International Journal of Birth and Parent Education is a quarterly publication focusing on policy, research and best practice in parent support and education from pregnancy to two.

We know that pregnancy and the first years of parenting are ‘a teachable moment’ when mothers and fathers are exceptionally open to making changes in their lives.
As a reader of the IJBPE, you are someone who wants to make a difference to children’s lives by using your knowledge and skills to educate and support mothers and fathers as they make the transition to parenthood.

Inside the IJBPE, you will find:

• What leading academics across the world are saying about parent education in the very early years
• How health and social care practitioners are translating new knowledge into best practice
• What the policy makers are saying about systems to support and educate new parents and those working with them

The IJBPE is essentially a Journal for professionals who are out there in the community, or who are planning a career working with mothers and fathers in the earliest years of their children’s lives. At the end of each year, the Journal’s 4 issues will have updated you on the latest thinking and the very best practice in parent education and support. You will be inspired to continue to support new mothers and fathers to the best of your ability, in the knowledge that it is parents who shape their children’s futures.

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Understanding and responding to excessive crying

Understanding and responding to excessive crying

Excessive crying in early infancy is associated with an increased risk of adverse outcomes for babies and their families.

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How volunteers can work with parents to improve early childhood outcomes: A review of the evidence

How volunteers can work with parents to improve early childhood outcomes: A review of the evidence

A 2015 review carried out in the UK explored whether and how volunteering and peer support can contribute to improving key child development outcomes...

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Taking valproate during pregnancy is a serious risk: An update on practice implications

Taking valproate during pregnancy is a serious risk: An update on practice implications

The risks of inadequate warnings about damage done by valproate exposure in utero have become a focus of national and international attention by policymakers (Hunt, 2018; European Medicines Agency [EMA], 2017).

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 What's in the  Spring Issue - Volume 5 Issue 3
Focus on Preperation for Labour and Birth



Fear, birth, advice and ‘the evidence’
Mary Nolan, Editor-in-Chief

GUEST Editorials

A mindful approach to childbirth education and preparation for childbirth
Lorna Davies, Head of Midwifery, Lorna Davies, Head of Midwifery,  Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand

Maternity care: Do as I say and no one gets hurt

Alexandra Smith, Childbirth Educator and Tutor


Taking valproate during pregnancy is a serious risk: An update on practice implications
Jonathan Sher, Independent Consultant and Visiting Expert at Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy

Two for the price of one: The impact of body image during pregnancy and after birth
Susie Orbach, PhD and Holli Ruben, Psychotherapist

‘Just breathe’: How yoga for pregnancy can enable women to use pain-management strategies effectively in labour
Virginia Campbell, formerly Head of education and Practice at NCT, UK

Competing discourses of risk and woman-centred care: Challenges for midwives and women
Bernie Divall, Research Fellow in Maternity Care, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK

Evidence based therapeutic approaches to intervening when young children have witnessed domestic violence: Child-Parent Psychotherapy

Jenny Griffiths, Primary Infant Mental Health Specialist & Clinical Psychologist


The Ububele Home Visiting Project: A preventative infant mental health intervention for Alexandra, South Africa
Katharine Frost, Clinical Director and Educational Psychologist affiliated to Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust 
Nicola Dawson, Head of Ububele Umdlezane Parent Infant Programme and Counselling Psychologist 
Tony Hamburger, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust

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  • Previous Issues
    Volume 1

    Previous IssuesVolume 1
    Issue 2 - Focus on Education for Birth
    Issue 3 - Focus on Fathers
    Issue 4 - Focus on Nuturing and Nutrition
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    Volume 2

    Previous IssuesVolume 2
    Issue 1 - Focus on Play
    Issue 2 - Focus on Sleep and Soothing
    Issue 3 - Focus on Parents and Children with Learning Disabilities
    Issue 4 - Focus on Education for Calm Parenting
  • Previous Issues
    Volume 3

    Previous IssuesVolume 3
    Issue 1 - Open Focus

    Issue 2 - Focus on Family Nurse Partnership/ Nurse-Family Partnership

    Issue 3 - Focus on Relationships
    Supplement No.1: AIMH Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) No. 1 ‘Improving Relationships in the Perinatal Period: What Works?’

    Issue 4 - Focus on Preparation and Support for Labour and Birth?
    Supplement: 2016 IJBPE Conference ‘Parent Education Today: Walking the Walk’. Practice Pointers from the Conference Workshops
  • Previous Issues
    Volume 4

    Previous IssuesVolume 4
    Issue 1 - Focus on Attachment
    Supplement No.2: AIMH Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) No. 2 ‘Improving Attachment in Babies: What Works?’

    Issue 2 - Focus on Peer Support

    Issue 3 - Focus on Parenting in Difficult Circumstances
    Supplement No.3: AIMH Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) No. 3 'Antenatal Anxiety and Depression: What Should We Be Doing?'

    Issue 4 - Focus on preconception education, FASD, and prematurity

  • Previous Issues
    Volume 5

    Previous IssuesVolume 5
    Issue 1 - Focus on School Readiness
    Supplement No.3: AIMH Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) No. 3 ‘The Relationship with the Unborn Baby: Why it Matters’

    Issue 2 - Focus on Fostering and Adoption


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